Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Stuffed Chair. Ingeniously Made From Recycled Bicycle Parts...

The Stuffed Chair, so I'm reliably informed is named for the phenomenon of a head on bicycle collision resulting in the aforesaid bicycle attaining a compacted dimensional state.
To wit, stuffed.
And when a bicycle is stuffed, it's usually best to replace the damaged frame. The bike remains the same bike of course no matter how many parts are replaced.
A bit like the axe that has its handle replaced a few times and the head replaced too. No matter how many times, it's still the same axe.
But back to The Stuffed Chair, designed and very cleverly put together by Andy Gregg and who you can find here.
One of the bikes in the Stuffed creation, the Serotta, hit a cattle grate and the Rossin had the misfortune to hit a deer.
Oh dear...

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  1. I like that chair. It does look quite comfortable.

  2. Plenty of parts here to make more stuffed chairs... Or remodeled bikes that remain bikes from.