Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where There's A Wheel There's A Way...

Where there's a will there's a way and where there's a fertile imagination there'll be innovative design solutions.
From the top we have the 1910 Edison-Puton Monowheel built in Paris and powered by a 150cc De Dion Engine.
Then there's Swiss engineer Mr Gerdes astride or nearly inside his 1931 one wheel motorcycle that he attempted to travel from Switzerland to Spain. He was last seen in France.
And then we have Englishman Dr John Archibald Purves with his 1932 Dynospere. 
Imagination said Einstein is more important than knowledge...

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  1. These machines are lovely! I wish there were more of these wonderful contraptions being built. I am also happy to see that, that bane of modern life, namely Health & Safety was happily ignored then! Lovely, Keith.

  2. Dang those are neat!!! That would sure save on tires but if you got a flat you were flat for sure.

  3. Ya know, this is the sort of post that leads me down the deeper places of the Internet, looking for more info.

    Good fun!

  4. Great inventions from fertile imaginations...

  5. I can remember watching one of the new star wars films, one scene featured a futuristic looking single wheel bike & I wondered where the inspiration came from for it, I guess I now know! Thank you Keith.