Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diogenes - A Tiny Minimalist Living Unit By Renzo Piano...

This tiny living space conceived by Pritzker Prize winning architect Renzo Piano, was named after the philosopher Diogenes who it's said, lived in a barrel because he considered worldly luxuries superfluous.
It's a minimalist living space and as such functions completely autonomously as a self-contained unit, independent of its environment.
The 2-5 x 3m Diogenes says Renzo Piano is the result of a long journey partially driven by desires and dreams but also technology and science.
Diogenes has everything needed for living, all reduced by design philosophy to the minimum.
There's more to know about less here and here...

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  1. That sounds a really interesting project with plenty of clever ideas. I'll go an have a look at his site. You got real talent at finding these things Keith!

  2. Love the drawings, a great way to explore the intricacies of the design. But I have to admit I am more of a fan of the rustic/made by hand tiny homes.

  3. Hit it with a tornado or a blizzard at -40 degrees. Survivable?

  4. I like that it's not just a box, but has functional systems. It's a machine for living.

  5. A machine for living? That's a Bucky Fuller concept!

    I wonder how much of this mechanical undergirding a DIY'er could manage to put together or to acquire cheaply. It looks very handy and habitable, but there's no reason to assume that the unit will go into industrial production and become available to all.

    BTW, just for clarity, I'm a different Kevin from the Kevin above.