Monday, June 3, 2013

A Simple Efficient Clean Burning Cooking Stove For Kenya...

Nearly three billion people in this world still prepare food on open pit fires, on stones, or on ancient stoves, burning coal, wood and dung.
Globally there's a need in poor and developing countries for around six hundred million inexpensive, efficient cooking stoves.
Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune believe they should put as much effort into designing an African stove as if they were designing an Italian sports car.
I like that.
Their brief was to design an affordable stove that works well, looks good, feels good and makes the user proud.
The end result, this Baker Cooktove would appear to fulfill all the criteria.
It does look like a Rocket Stove, many of which have been designed and distributed in Third World countries. This stove too uses minimum fuel, is cleaner burning, produces less smoke and will make a huge improvement in the lives and health of the intended users.
The traditional way of cooking in Kenya is on a three stone fire which is just that with the pot sitting on top.
Hopefully this lovely product will enhance the lives of many.
You can see more about it here...  

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  1. I'm sure Claesson Kolvisto Rune will gain the extra satisfaction they desire, with their cleverly designed Baker Cookstove, of making a tangible, positive difference in many people's lives and for the environment.
    I commend them for keeping in mind the psychology and traditions of the people in developing countries whose lives they want to enhance.

  2. Sophisticated simplicity based on an age old traditional concept - how awesome.