Monday, June 24, 2013

You Can Never Have Too Many Carparks Says Boston's Lisa Blumenthal After Spending $560,000 For Another Two...

You can never have too many carparks says Boston's Lisa Blumenthol.
She's recently paid $560,000 at auction for two weed bordered carparks behind her palatial home on Commonwealth Avenue.
Which already has three carparks.
Now she has five and that's a nice round number but will they be enough if some friends call in.
And is enough ever enough...

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  1. When I go to Boston these days, I try to take the train in from the outskirts. It's a crazy place to drive, where the road design and signage are jokes on visitors. Even worse place to park.

  2. Its obscene what money gets shelled out to host a car while people around the corner have no place to stay. She probably has no idea.

  3. More money than sense perhaps?

  4. The world is a crazy place , I guess it makes it interesting lol