Monday, June 17, 2013

La Tomatina. What Fun You Can Have With One Hundred And Twenty Tons Of Ripe Tomatoes...

La Tomatina has its origins from way back in 1945 when a group of young protesters grabbed some tomatoes from a vegetable stall in Bunol's Plaza del Pablo and started throwing them.
It was so much fun that the fight was re-enacted the following year and now, Valencia's little town of Bunol, about thirty miles from the Mediterranean hosts the wonderful festival and provides around one hundred and twenty tons of tomatoes specially grown for the event which takes place in the first week of August each year. The great tomato fight which lasts for only one hour attracts about forty thousand participants.
They obviously relish it...

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  1. What messy fun, probably wouldnt want to look at a tomato for a while!!

  2. The Original La Tomatina in Buñol Spain, is on Wednesday 28 August this year. But for the first time it is by ticket only and entry is severely limited.
    The entry tax, as it is being termed, is 10€ and will be limited to 20,000. Only 15,000 of which will be available to the general public.(So, a less than a third of the crowd of previous years) The rest are being reserved for locals of the town. Booking is online and then involves bringing a low-cost airline-style ticket printed on your computer with you on the morning of the fight, along with your passport, to exchange for an entry wristband. Could be a shambles - and carrying a passport into the fight is dangerous. Better to join an organised tourmaking sure they already have entry tickets and can give you the wristbands before the day, like the tour offer. Do it soon as tickets are sure to go fast.
    Make sure you give yourself timein the city of Valencia, to experience its architecture, food and great beaches.