Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turkey's Lady In Red Becomes A Reluctant Heroine And Freedom Icon...

As the Republic of Turkey traverses the sometimes painful path to democracy, with protesters proclaiming their rights, Istanbul's University of Urban Planning research assistant Ceyda Sungor has become a reluctant heroine and Turkey's newest freedom icon.
This is the image that shows her being pepper sprayed by one of Turkey's big brave riot policemen.
According to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdegan she is one of the extremists living arm in arm with terrorists who are attempting to destroy Turkey.
The protest in which three people have already been killed and more than a thousand admitted to hospital started with the public demonstrating against the destruction of trees and the construction of a shopping complex at Taksim Square's Gezi Park in the heart of Istanbul.
And the Reuters photographer who shot the now iconic image appears to have suffered self inflicted head injuries... 

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  1. Been watching this closely. My daughter is trying hard to get her Turkish husband out of there and into the US. The new baby needs his dad . . .

  2. The road to freedom is sometimes hard won.