Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Romance Of Boat Sheds And Beach Huts...

Haven't you always had the romantic notion of living for a time in a little boat shed or a beach hut and enjoy the experience of the tide coming up to your door each day.
Not too close though.
Just to the door...

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  1. I like the old beach shacks that look like they have $100 invested. If a storm blows it down, just comb the beach for materials and build a new one.

    I was always fond of a sea side shack in Southport Maine. There were huge expensive mansions on each side of it, but the local fisherman would not sell his shack. They all had pretty much the same view, right?

  2. How cute... Brings back memories of boat-sheds round Banks Peninsular in New Zealand where our family holidayed a lot.

  3. ..and the thing is almost everyone can afford one - it's not so much the building but the location