Monday, March 11, 2013

Feldheim. The Little German Town That's Completely Off-Grid And Enjoys 100 Percent Energy Independence...

The little town of Feldheim's population of around one hundred and fifty put their hands in their own pockets and each paid three thousand Euros to build their own electrical grid.
Enterprising little Feldheim situated 90k south of Berlin with its forty seven windmills, has more windmills than houses.
Their independence allows them to set their own electrical prices which are thirty percent less than the average.
This little town is a marvellous model for many...

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  1. I really like the sense of community unity in this - and I guess even those windmills against the skyline grows on one eventually..

  2. Cool! Great to see a whole town get involved.

  3. I value citizens' initiative like that.
    This small village (162 inhabitants in 2010) is able to achieve a great deal