Saturday, March 23, 2013

Treehugger Founder Graham Hill Talks About Living With Less. A Lot Less...

This man even though he's downsized, might well still have more than many, but what Treehugger's founder Graham Hill has done is put his money where his mouth is.
He's walking the talk.
As he told The New York Times recently.
'I live in a 420sq ft studio apartment.
I sleep in a bed that folds down from the wall.
I don't have a single CD or DVD and I have ten percent of the books I once had.
Our fondness for stuff affects almost every aspect of our lives. The average size of an American house in 1950 was 983sq ft.
By 2011 it was 2480sq ft.
But back in 1950, 3.37 people lived in the smaller house while in 2011, 2.6 people lived in the bigger one.
And apparently the super-size homes of today aren't big enough or provide sufficient space for the occupant's possessions.
They spend $22 billion on personal storage.
My LifeEdited apartment is well built, affordable and functional. I sleep better knowing I'm not using more resources than I need.
I have less and enjoy more.
My space is small and my life big.'
There's more about less here...
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  1. An interesting post and concept - as he said his transformation was triggered by excessive wealth...other people would handle it differently but his extreme decision obviously works for him.

  2. I love reading about people who actually walk the walk.