Thursday, March 14, 2013

Russian Pensioner Olga Kostina's Fanciful Bottle Cap House...

Far far away, no, a bit further away than that, in a remote village called Kamachaga on the Siberian Taiga, about fifty miles southeast of Krasnoyarsk, I'm sure you know where I mean, Russian pensioner Olga Kostina decorates her modest little house with mosaic style images made from thousands and thousands of plastic bottle caps. She's collected these things over many years, god knows where she gets them from but so far she's used over thirty thousand.
I guess that's what you do when there's nobody to play scrabble with or the internet connection's down.
Anyway Olga has no plans to stop her creative pastime as she nails each bottle cap into position she's thinking of a time when, perhaps all the houses in her village that seems to have become a tourist attraction, are all covered in bottle cap art...

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  1. What else would one do when one lives in a remote village called Kamachaga on the Siberian Taiga, about fifty miles southeast of Krasnoyarsk - thank goodness for the Internet that the world gets the honour of seeing beautiful creativity like this!.

  2. I love it when someone does something creative and beautiful while working with next to nothing.

  3. Amazing and probably adds extra insulation to her home, also providing homes for spiders and other small creatures. Brilliant idea.

  4. She did a beautiful job. I wonder how many years it took to save enough of those bottle caps.

  5. This is the most interesting and exciting art project I have seen in years! Thank goodness for the internet and I am going to start a bottle cap recycling program right away so we can recreate these beautiful houses as she has done. And just think, no exterior maintenance required for 200+ years!

    Thank you for this wonderful post. We need more people like this wonderful woman in the world!