Saturday, March 16, 2013

This Tiny Caravan Is A Beautiful Piece Of Art On Wheels...

Life Enjoyers is how Hil and Mario laughingly describe themselves.
They're doing a tour around the country from their home base in Wanaka in New Zealand's South Island.
They found me as people do and which is a familiar scenario by now as I was enjoying the sights and sounds of the sea and surf at Ahipara. Yes I've been back there for a few days.
They saw The Flying Tortoise and had to stop and say hello.  As people do.
And share some delicious grapes.
I'm so glad they did.
Their gorgeous little 13 foot, forty one year old, fibreglass caravan they've called Bubbles, has one of the most stylish interiors you're ever likely to see.
Bubbles is Art On Wheels.
It's like Art Nouveau, Retro Design, Bohemian Style and Art Deco all deliciously rolled into one.
Early on in their project which quickly became a labour of love, they realised they'd be sparing no expense to have their 'baby' become a creative masterpiece.
They were lucky to have superb craftsmen right on their doorstep in Wanaka. Daniel and Paul who made the beautiful upholstery, Alon from Alfa Furniture who crafted the immaculate woodwork and the guys at Wanaka Fibreglass and Paint who did the body restoration and paint job. And then there was Sue at Material Girls who couldn't believe that someone was actually going to buy that wallpaper.
Hil and Mario's visit here was fleeting but the memory of it will remain.
We'll see each other again...

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  1. It's very stylish, isn't it, but I do understand the surprise about someone using that wallpaper. It's ghastly but it is perfectly complementary. All the round shapes are very pleasing.

  2. Yes... It's always a surprise, fun and usualy a pleasure... Meeting people 'On the road'.

  3. It's a work of art. Isn't it great when people get a vision of something different and they make it happen?

  4. It isnt cookie cutter inside.Personlity of its owners is what its about.Reminds me of a hippie VW inside.I like it.

  5. I wonder how they get to sleep?