Thursday, March 7, 2013

Here's The Cutest Little Boxx Of Tricks On Two Wheels...

The Boxx is a cute two-wheeled
electric transportation device.
You'd use it in a similar manner to a moped or a bicycle and it's just as easy to ride.
The makers say that because of the low centre of gravity, it's the most stable two-wheeled vehicle around.
And this little boxx is square.
It's got all-wheel-drive (AWD) and Traction Control and ABS braking.
If you just can't wait to know more about the thinking inside and outside this particular boxx, have a look here.
It's a very cute little boxx of tricks...

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  1. Hey cute, it looks like a digital camera.

  2. looks like a back breaker to ride, one would have to hunch over to reach the handle bars.

  3. Looks fun, but with a 30mph top speed & those tiny wheels I suspect it would need a brave rider to risk the badly pot holed, mud strewn & 60mph roads around here. One for the urban dwellers perhaps!

  4. It is dangerously cute. I'd play with one if given the chance. Not sure about buying, but definitely play with.

  5. Cute? No. I'm with Dizzy Dick on this one.

  6. It doesn't look as if it has a low centre of gravity, does it?