Friday, March 29, 2013

Pembrokeshire In Wales Say This Wonderful Sustainable Strawbale Roundhouse Is Harmful To The Rural Character Of The Locality And Must Be Demolished...

Damned bureaucrats.
Charlie, who built this beautiful strawbale roundhouse, is a young man who, with his partner Megan and their baby boy live in this wonderful handmade home next to the Lammas Eco village in Wales' Pembrokeshire.
They have run into major problems as people who think outside the square invariably do.
The planning authority in the area say this beautiful, individualistic, sustainable and creative home must be demolished.
Because the house is harmful to the rural character of the locality.
Charlie, Meg and their baby face a dismal future should these bureaucrats have their way.
You can see the full story here and maybe even help save this wonderful home from being destroyed.
Damned bureaucrats...

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  1. Why am I not surprised. Dismayed, yes, surprised, no. Te governement, in is wisdom, are relaxing planning laws in England at the moment. It's widely regarded as a disaster in the making for the countryside. This is to stimulate the building industry, to create a boom, they say. So what you'll see are dreary "first homes", piles of bricks, ugly, poor quality, and growing everywhere. And the authorities, will continue to persecute individualists. Makes my blood boil.

  2. A darn shame it is. That's a beautiful home. Real artistry.

  3. It looks pretty darned "rural" to me!

  4. As a dweller in a dome, I guess I was lucky to get few problems from the local planning board.

    It would be a crime to destroy something as unique and beautiful as that house.

  5. I hate bureaucrats and the trouble they make.

  6. Sounds like somebody didn't get paid off first.

  7. 1550 Dairy Flat Highway
    New Zealand

    2 April 2013
    Re: planning application 12/1070/PA.
    Dear Claire John, Case Officer
    I lodge this document in support, of a global initiative for change to the way we perceive how domicile building should be constructed, and their affects on the environment.
    There will be a time in our history when we again honor our environments, and the materials, which we use to create our homes. Materials will be locally sourced in a sustainable and harmonious way.
    Throughout history man has been innovative in the ways of creating his home. Not all have been received with open arms. It is up to us, to tell you, the councilors what we want for our future and our families future, in the way of housing, and how we want to care for our surroundings and our planet.
    Personally I find that this type of building is a pleasure to look at, it is warm, modest, comfortable and contains no harmful chemicals or materials that could compromise the wellbeing of this young family.
    I fully support this type of initiative, and can see that there is NO harmful effect to the rural character of the area.
    Andrina Marie Eyles

    That should be of some assistance!