Monday, March 4, 2013

How Some People Exist In 40 Sq Feet. A View From The Top...

Last month we saw here, German photographer Michael Wolf's stunning photo essay Architecture of Density.
A series of images showing high rise apartment buildings, squeezed together cheek by jowl in the densely populated city of Hong Kong.
Now the Hong Kong advocacy group, Society For Community Organisation show us how some of the interiors look with photographs detailing the deplorable living conditions of one of the most populated cities on earth.
A view from the top.
You can go here for the bigger picture...

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  1. I found this quite hard work to view....I guess some peoples' lives are like that!

  2. It sort of reminds me of my office but my office is much bigger but has a lot more stuff in it.

  3. I live in less space (a van)
    but I don't have so much stuff
    and I painted the walls clean white

    I love it!

  4. It's hard to comprehend being so confined when I am fortunate enough to live in my mobile house-bus parked in the wide open spaces in New Zealand.