Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fred On Everything...

Fred Reed is a very funny, wonderfully and indecently defamatory, erudite and extremely opinionated, commentator on Life. As he sees it.
He's as he says, a keyboard mercenary, been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harpers and Playboy.
He's no journalistic bunny.
Fred lives in Mexico, where apart from other things, he writes this wonderful newsletter called Fred On Everything.
Have a look here or here at a recent issue.
He's easy to subscribe to.
I hope you'll enjoy his scurrilous commentary...

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  1. I went and read his article and I thought except for the fact that we are a couple of oceans and a continent apart that is not too far removed from my growing years...father and uncles were all hunters, brothers ( I have 6) and now their sons and grandsons are the same...even some of the daughters and nieces...shotguns and rifles were all part of that. I guess where the law steps in is because not all targets are about putting food on the table!. Change is inevitable.