Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sociable Weaver Birds Take Over The Telegraph Poles On The Kalahari Desert In Southern Africa But Never Make Any Phone Calls...

Photographer Dillon Marsh has been out in the vast barren landscapes of the Southern Kalahari Desert where the Sociable Weaver Birds assume ownership of the telephone poles that cut across their habitat.
They construct, using twigs and grass, enormous nests that literally teem with life. Not only for their own kind but the nests are welcoming homes for many other species of their feathered friends.
There's safety in numbers so they say.
You can see Dillon's Assimilation Series and other works here and more on these very sociable little weavers here...

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  1. Ohhhhhh wow!! isn't that the most amazing thing? I've heard about these birds and their amazing nests but this is truly amazing.

  2. Wonderful examples of nature at it's finest.

  3. Those are not just nests, they are condoes.