Sunday, February 3, 2013

Your Call Is Important To Us. Please Hold The Line. For 43 Days...

A recent study that polled five hundred consumers has found that the average person, in our wonderful western world, spends 43 days of their life on hold with an automated customer service.
Isn't the phrase customer service such a wonderful oxymoron.
The survey conducted by ResearchNow and commissioned by TalkTo also showed that more than eighty six percent of people are put on hold and compelled to listen to some sort of mind altering music every time they call a business.
Any company treating their customers or potential customers with that sort of disrespect and contempt doesn't deserve to have any customers.
The reason these companies do this is because they can. They have and will continue to treat their customers this way because very few people, no matter how incensed they might be at the time, will do anything about it.
In July last year, Australian man Andrew Kahn spent 15 hours, 40 minutes and one second on hold to Qantas Airline to confirm a flight.
The solution is simple.
Use your fingers to find another company who treats its customers, you, with respect.
And get a life...
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  1. Gosh... What interesting statistics... Yes I will be finding other 'customer' friendly companies... Can't waste my life holding on... Other more important things to do.

  2. I love to deal with local companies. Worse come to worse I can plant myself in their office until they have to deal with me. I'm too big to throw out.

  3. Hey! You've just given me an idea what to do the next time a telemarketer calls.... <(-:<

  4. The only way I will hold is to put the phone on speaker so I can hear it and go about my business. If they never answer, I didn't waste any time.

  5. Then when you do get a real person on the line, they're from another country and you can't understand their English...argh...

  6. I call it "customer disservice".

    Re telemarketing, which is another colossal waste of time, I tell everyone I know, if I don't recognise it or their name/phone number doesn't show up in call display, to leave a message because I refuse to pick up until I know who is calling.

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