Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prince Anders Of Sweden Wins The Medieval Jousting Tournament At Ahipara Beach...

It was thirty degrees celsius in the shade and far too hot yesterday to be jousting on the beach in full body armour.
But that's just what these medieval jousters from England, Canada, Sweden and New Zealand did, and the winner was the handsome blond haired Prince Anders of Sweden.
Naturally he won the hand of the beautiful Princess Annalea and they will of course live happily ever after.
Prince Anders, he's not really a prince, I was just jesting, and his gorgeous damsel travel the world and take part in perhaps fifteen jousts a year.
No wonder he's so good.
And a couple of hundred beachgoers couldn't believe their luck enjoying a couple of hours of unexpected and very unusual entertainment.
Medieval jousting is not something one sees every day, even in New Zealand's surprising and beautiful Far North...

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  1. My lovely wife and I saw some jousting in Florida of all places. Good fun -for us at least.

  2. We have a Renaissance Festival close by here that is put on for eight weekends in a row each year. It is great fun.

  3. Lucky it's all just for fun today - but it has a violent history - jousting I mean!.

  4. Wow... What an event for Ahipara... And you were there to enjoy.

  5. I can't believe I missed this! I live in Ahipara! Such a great spot... my mother-in-law told me all about it, and YOU, tonight at dinner after meeting you down by the beach. Small world, hey!