Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Little Country Of Uraguay Just Might Lead The World In Creative Gun Control By Swapping Bicycles For Illegal Firearms...

It's been found that gun buyback programmes
to reduce the number of firearms in circulation is not very effective in reducing street crime.
Or homicides
The small South American nation of Uraguay ranks ninth in the number of guns per capita in the world.
More than a million firearms, most of them unregistered are in the hands of the country's
3.3 million residents.
The country's leadership is known for thinking outside the square with surprising results and now their creative efforts have started the Weapons for Life programme.
Instead of people getting cash, Uraguay now gives a bicycle or a low-end computer for a person's firearms thereby improving the lives of those in illegal possession of weapons and the well-being of the nation as a whole.
It could be a win win situation. I hope so.
Other countries just might learn a lesson from little Uraguay...

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  1. Just this morning, I was reading an article about proposed legislation that would require firearms owners in New York State to purchase and maintain liability insurance as a condition of gun ownership.

    Personally, I think this is brilliant. As a motor vehicle owner, I'm required by my state laws to insure my vehicles against accident and misuse as a condition of ownership. Why not require the same of a product that is designed and sold to kill or wound? Children's toys are subjected to more strenuous safety standards than any firearm.

    If trading weapons for bicycles works in South America, all the better, but if you really want to regulate something in North America, just let the insurance industry loose on it!!!

    As insurance rates rise on faster, more powerful vehicles, so too would the premiums paid on larger armaments and military-style weapons that have no use in traditional hunting. You could have as many of whatever type of guns you wanted, so long as they were all declared on your insurance policy. Might cut back on the numbers and types of weapons that gun fetishists stock up on and collect.

  2. Anything that will decrease firearms in any country has to be a good thing - I think this is brilliant and taps into the positive side of people's well being in terms of health and education...awesome!.

  3. Insurance? What a devious way to attack gun owners.

  4. What a great way to control the people!