Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christopher Swann's Incredible Underwater Photos Of Dolphins And Sharks Dining Out On Mackerel...

British wildlife photographer Christopher Swann went swimming in the Atlantic, off the coast of the Azores to record dolphins and sharks feasting on a  shimmering thirty foot diameter ball of Mackerel trying to protect themselves.
Did someone mention Fish Balls.
Moving closer to the surface makes it easier for the Cory Shearwaters to add mackerel to their menu, so the poor mackerel with no place to escape to are left to the mercy of the mauraders.
There's more merriment and feasting here...

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  1. Amazing photos.

    I've seen dolphins herd fish into shallow dead end bays and then feast on them. Quite the sight.

  2. We humans could learn a few thing from some of the other species of life we share this planet with. Big difference between killing to survive and killing for the sake of it. I wonder if those other species ever abuse their young or their females? - Beautiful photography!.

  3. Amazing photos! We are lucky to be able to see something like that.