Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful Images From National Geographic's Shot Of The Day...

Children playing cricket in Bangladesh.
Fun on a Carousel in Wales.
A Gelada in the Simien Mountains.
A young girl on a train in Canada. Young Gorillas playing in Rwanda,
Kangaroos in Australia.
Walking the dog in California.
A Zebra and foal in Botswana.
A Kuvale Herdsman in Angola.
Some of the recent beautiful images to be found at National Geographic's Shot Of The Day...

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  1. I love this publication - met one of the photographers once who use to travel from the States to the Antarctic...the photos are always primo...nice post.

  2. I had a collection dating from the '40's. My parents and then I got it for many, many years. When I left Pennsylvania I quit getting them and gave my collection away. Now I wish I had at least kept the WW3 editions.

  3. No worries, I'm sure National Geographic will have fascinating photographs of WW3 when it arrives...