Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Toast To The Bride And Groom...

May they have a long and happy life together.
What is it they say, the bigger the wedding the shorter the marriage, oh I'm being cynical.
Mazeltov to them both. They deserve each other.
It was a wonderful wedding and don't they make such a good looking couple.
I hadn't realised just how tall she is but she's young and beautiful and it doesn't matter that he seems so, well, so vertically challenged.
But he's not short of money.
And what about her legs.
I know it sounds mean but I've seen better ones on a horse...
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  1. Oh, Dear Lovely Keith, did I just I heard the voice of pure disinterested envy? :DDD

    Su funny and may god of white weddings bless you ;)

  2. Now you sure are a funny guy. But I have to agree with you on her funny looking legs. But, to each his own. . .