Monday, February 4, 2013

Ettoire Guatelli And His Museum Of Everyday Life...

I was chatting to the gorgeous Gabi over at Moon To Moon the other day after she'd posted some photos of Ettoire Guatelli and his amazingly displayed collection of everyday objects.
He started buying these, these things, in the 1950's spending all he could afford from his primary teachers salary.
This carefully compiled collection of tools, hammers, screwdrivers, axes, adzes, knives, shoes and clocks amongst other things, grew to over sixty thousand items which became of course, objects d'art all arranged by Ettore, the man with a wonderful sense of visual rythym.
After he died in September 2000 his farm in Parma, Italy, became a musuem and is now administered by the Foundazione Museo Ettore Guatelli.
It's called The Museum Of Everyday Life...

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  1. The amazing incredible creativity of people always astounds me - makes me truly believe there is romance in everything if one only knows how to look rather than just look at something.

  2. Isn't that lovely? Human imagination is wonderful and eye-opening.

  3. I'm much too practical. I look at those displays and think how wonderful it would be to take all those tools off the walls and put them back into the hands of many craftsmen (and women) so that they can create all manner of new furniture, dwellings, and artworks for us all to enjoy. Tools are meant to be used, not viewed.

  4. Tools are indeed, made to be used. That, however, does not stop me from going to the Smithsonian and marveling at the tools created by the most inventive people. I enjoy looking at a tool I've never seen before and wondering what task it was designed to accomplish.
    I would very much enjoy this museum.