Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Romotow. A Very Clever Concept. A Mobile Living Space Like No Other...

The Romotow is a damned clever concept.
A mobile living space like no other.
And it's designed and will be manufactured in New Zealand.
Stuart Winterbourn and Matt Wilkie from the Christchurch company W2 say their concept home on wheels has seventy percent more living space than a conventional vehicle of its length and width and it automatically sets itself up in only three minutes.
And they say it's lightweight and aerodynamic design will give the Romotow towing vehicle greater fuel efficiency and road stability.
Before you get out your cheque books, remember it's only a concept at this moment
but watch this space...

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  1. That is a neat concept. But I bet you like your Flying Tortoise better.

    1. You're right DD, and no, I wouldn't swap TFT for one...

  2. Looks like the switchblade of houses.

  3. Now that's what I call a mobile home...yeah boi I can see myself in one of those!..hahaha

  4. I just loved these concept ideas and arts. They suggest us new ways to re build thing in innovative way. Actually it is a very clever design.

  5. Send me the first one ... I'm ready to try it out now, here in the States, for my traveling business:)