Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Chance Harvey. Don't Miss Out. This Beautiful Old Bedford Could Be Yours...

My friend Harvey who's currently touring New Zealand's wonderful South Island with its magnificent scenery, emailed me to say he's thinking of trading in his late model Nissan motorhome for this beautiful old 1937 Bedford Housebus.
Naturally I gave him my unbiased, candid opinion and told him he was mad if he didn't.
You'd agree with me I'm sure.
What an opportunity I said. A once in a lifetime one I told him. Where would you find another old girl like that I continued, this ladys been around and can still turn heads.
I've been waiting to hear from him.
He usually takes my advice.
Last chance Harvey...

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  1. I'm afraid I'd fall in love with it, and it would break my heart. Beautiful. Lots of potential, but definitely a diamond in the rough.

  2. Go for it! She has character and that door is awesome!

  3. Oh yes... You would certainly turn plenty of heads with that little beauty.
    Sadly it would probably do the new owners head in and empty his pockets in the proess of restoring...
    But who cares about things like that!
    Could be a joint project for the next rally?

  4. My heart says yes, but my pocket says NO and I have decided its all yours, go for it Keith

  5. I'm afraid I'll just have to admire it from afar....and sigh....a lot!!