Friday, December 7, 2012

Take Five Mr Brubeck...

The great jazz legend and pianist Dave Brubeck died on December 5, just a day short of his ninety first birthday.
Like many, I first heard Dave Brubeck and Take Five late in the 1950's and then in the 1960's delighted in actually meeting Dave Brubeck or Mr Brubeck as I first called him then, along with Joe Morello, Eugine Wright and Paul Desmond.
I met them before and again after they played a concert in New Zealand's Wellington Town Hall.
Their music has been with me ever since
and today I've been reminded of a wonderful memory.
Thankyou Mr Brubeck. Take Five...

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  1. This great musician turned me on to jazz with that fabulous jazz number Take Five...RIP great one!

  2. Grew up on rock and roll, but later was exposed to the great world of jazz. He was a master. Rest in peace.

  3. A wonderful musician who has influenced my love of jazz.