Thursday, December 20, 2012

Round The World In A Tiny Home On Wheels...

Karin and Matthew are in New Zealand  for a few months as part of their round the world tour in their German manufactured 4WD Toyota Landcruiser.
They've already travelled extensively in Europe and were last in Canada, going back to their home in Austria where they're both employed as Energy Consultants.
There, they'll earn some more money to sustain their lifestyle.
I caught up with them at the Department of Conservation's campsite at Uretiti Beach a few days ago.
After New Zealand they'll go to Australia and then to South Africa.
Life's all about choices they say...

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  1. They are right. It's all about choices.

  2. Oh wow!, this definitely confirms if you can dream it you can do it - two minds thinking the same, and look at what can happen...brilliant!.

  3. Hi Keith, just wondering if you have an email or contact for Karin and Matthew. I would be really interested in finding out who they are using to ship their vehicle around the world. Looks pretty similar in size to our little 'Back in Black'. - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Lesley and Mark - 12th July 2012

  4. That home on wheels looks familiar to me.
    Our friend Burkhard in Germany is dealing with the conversion of Toyotas, Mercedes G, Rover, Iveco Daily etc. into travel- and expedition vehicles like that of the Austrian couple.
    Burkhard's modifications are similar to the Toyota on your photo.

  5. Hi, what type of material are you using for the pop up tent? Thanks!