Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bicycles For Carrying Just About Everything...

These days many folk around the world are choosing cycling as the much greener option for travelling, for short or long distances,
for leisure or business.
These cargo bicycles, freight bicycles, carrier cycles or bakfietsen as they are known have been around for a long time but their designs have become much more user friendly,
their construction stronger
and their frames lighter.
It seems there's a bicycle for all occasions.
As I've said before, it's time someone designed a stylish and comfortable safety hat...

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  1. I've had two bicycles in my life and neither looked like fascinating, and imagine the saving on petrol?.

  2. They look great... Meet all needs.
    The one with the kids on front reminds me of being in Amsterdam where kids sat in front and behind and another on a separate bike alongside.
    I wondered how the Mum or Dad managed it all in the traffic.

  3. I am planning on getting a cargo bike sometime next month. It will be a Yuba Mundo from EV Lab in Upper Hutt. They can be seen here different from the ones on this post, but I think more suitable for NZ conditions.

  4. Love those cargo bikes! There seems to be a design for every need.