Monday, December 10, 2012

The Laughing House Is Sure To Make You Smile...

The Laughing House, sculptured by
Linda and Ianto is sure to make you smile.
Created from mainly local materials, the beautiful home in Coquille, Oregon with its growing roof, is made from cob, clay, sand and straw.
The clay was literally dug from the ground the house sits on adding to the environmentally friendly nature of the house.
If you'd like to smile some more,
have a look here...

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  1. It's always the light that makes these house pictures look so lovely.

  2. Another delightfully quirky post - and it did make me smile.

  3. It's a lovely house, though perhaps not *quite* so orange in person. ;-)

    We took a course there, and hope to build with cob someday when we find the right place. Building regulations are the devil, though.


  4. Lovely home! If I met someone special, I'd build her a place like that with my own hands...

  5. Hiya! Do you have any blogging skills or it is a pure natural gift? Waiting forward to hear from you.