Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ramajit Raghav Tells How To Father A Child At Ninety Six...

We sometimes have sex three or four times a night and my neighbours get jealous. 
I care for my wife and give her all she wants. 
She's a happy woman... says ninety six year old Ramajit Raghav, talking about his relationship with his fifty two year old wife Shakuntala Devi.
They had their first child when Ramajit was ninety four. Their second child was born on October 5 this year.
The pensioner and former wrestler credits his stamina, virility and long life to a complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol and to have been a vegetarian.
His diet consists of vegetables, milk, ghee, almonds and chapatis.
And he says, being a vegetarian saves the lives of so many animals his soul is lighter too...

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  1. thanks...but different strokes for different folks...hahaha.

  2. That man is 96 and the woman is 52 and has just had a baby?! Sources please.

    1. Unbelievable I hear you say Liz. Well it's been a widely reported story and one that I got direct from Ramajit's father.
      Woops, I promised not to mention him.
      My sources are, as always, impeccable, but try googling it...

  3. Nature never fails to amaze ...