Monday, December 24, 2012

A Beautifully Designed Little House. Strictly For The Birds...

I really like cute and clever bird houses
and I also like simplicity of design.
This little wooden birdhouse fills all the criteria for a functional and a beautiful piece of art.
The hanging strap could be improved on though.
Young Spanish designer Andreu Carulla who designed this delightful modular Neighbirds Nest has just been nominated for the Elle Decor International Design Awards 2012.
It's the sort of thing a DIY person would have fun making over the holidays...

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  1. Great idea. Hexagon shapes can be staked in any of six direction.

  2. Absolutely wonderful, I especially like the simplicity of the honeycomb-like design

  3. Not something I'd consider hanging from my trees mainly because they're all fruit and birds are not welcome *smiles*...however they are quite beautiful!.