Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Treehouse In Japan Is A High-Rise Apartment Building For The Birds...

The designers at Nendo, led by founder Oki Sato, have created a treehouse for humans that's also a sanctuary for nesting birds.
This Bird Apartment building has been installed at the Ando Manofuku Center in Komoro City.
The mission of the Center is to promote human access to nature and this structure's design allows visitors to the treehouse to get a viewing through the  peepholes into each of the seventy eight separate bird apartments.
The front of each apartment echos that of a human dwelling giving the idea that the designers consider the avian homes are as important as the dwellings occupied by humans.
For more, you might like to take a peek here...

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  1. How clever of the Japanese, would like that in my garden, except it isnt big enough...