Saturday, September 29, 2012

From Sweden In The 1960's. The Very Cute Saab Campervan...

The Swedish car company Saab has made some very interesting vehicles over the years and because of the enthusiasm of local man Torsten Johansson who had an idea who's time he thought had evidently come, Saab reluctantly got into Campervans.
Things didn't turn out so well for Torsten but Saab eventually took up the challenge and produced the blue 92H on the left, the photo below showing it before it's body restoration, and the 95HK model on the right seen here in red and green. Check out the driver position and the vertical steering wheel.
There's more here and a video here...

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  1. I really like these ones. It would be a bit weird though to be followed by a caravan that does not have a car in front of it!

  2. That small one would be just a nice size proberly warm as well