Monday, September 10, 2012

Lorna's Gorgeous Little 1930's Shepherd's Wagon...

Christina Nelleman has just written a delightful piece on Tiny House Blog about Lorna Benedict and how, from 1945, she lived in this gorgeous little horse-pulled Shepherd's Wagon while working on a large ranch in Wyoming.
Christina took the photos too.
During her stint as a shepherd, Lorna minded the sheep, chopped her own firewood, shot and skinned the local wildlife and fished the rivers for her food.
When asked what she liked about the lifestyle, she said 'Nothing! But when I look back on that time, life surrounded by nature was amazing.'
The Shepherd's Wagon now sits in Lorna's backyard in Washoe Valley, Nevada.
It contains a full sized bed, the original wood stove, a toiletry cabinet and as you can see, other items of necessity.
It was back to basics then,
and today, do you really need anything more...

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