Friday, September 7, 2012

Junk Rig Sailing Regatta On The Beautiful Mahurangi...

Down the coast from Whangarei,
just ten miles south west of Kawau Island, there's the beautiful Mahurangi.
This harbour with its many wonderful anchorages, and an abundance of fish and bird life is an ideal place to spend many days or weeks. You can just do nothing or go exploring, sailing up the river with the tide to overnight at the little town of Warkworth, passing the Old Cement Works on the way, perhaps tying up at the marina there for a tide or two.
A few Junk Rigs got together on the Mahurangi for a regatta recently, among them David Thatcher with his Footprints, a sister ship to my live-aboard yacht Shoestring.
Annie Hill, author of 'Voyaging On A Small Income' and round the world sailor and adventurer on her Raven 26, Fantail.
David Tyler from England was there on Tystie, Rob and Maren Fisher on Pacific Spray, Kurt and Marie on Mehitabel. David and Rosemary on Arcadian and Brian Owen on his Lugsail Schooner, Le Canard Bleu.
This is such a beautiful area, a favourite of mine and one that I spent many years exploring.
These days it's famous for its wine and food, its art and craft, the Matakana Market and its history.
Visit it sometime...

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  1. Yes... Matakana is a beautiful area. I was there recently and went to the market. It's outstanding... One of the best with absolutely top quality produce. Watch your wallet though... Everything is so tempting.

  2. Hi Keith I remember Shoestring had quite a turn of speed as well as being spacious below. Must be nostalgic memories for you. Cheers

  3. Hi Keith Nice memories I remember Shoestring was pretty revolutionary and you would feel pretty nostalgic I guess