Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Bicycle Could Be Your Second Car...

Bakfiets are distinctive Dutch Cargo Bikes with the carry area in the front of the rider.
They've become increasingly popular outside the Netherlands but as practical as they are, the older versions were rather heavy.
The Dutch designers of the Urban Arrow took all these things and more into consideration when they designed their new electric powered-assist Urban Cargo Carrier.
It's intended to be a green replacement for the second car and won an innovation award when unveiled at the Eurobike Trade Fair a while ago.
You can check out its features here...

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  1. Nice! Id like one. The rickshaw is a very old form of transport but it has needed modernising for a long time.

  2. Just imagined crashing to the ground the moment on of your passengers decides to shift position. Cool idea but for cargo I'd be happier with a more stable, 3 wheel version.

  3. We saw loads of Bakfiets when we were in Holland recently, they are very stable and have an incredible payload not just carring kids.

    It was such a joy being in a country where bicycles are a primary form of transport

  4. There is a Dutch Bike store in my Seattle neighborhood. I have a recumbent tricycle, it is a very comfortable ride but not so great on hills.