Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Might Like Large Food...

The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show is one of Britain's most prestigious gardening shows.
It was held recently and as usual featured the Battle Of The Giants where gardeners from all over the country show off their monster melons and other delights.
Weightlifter Jonathan Walker is seen here preparing to lift a marrow weighing over 120lbs or 54kg after it had won one of six awards for its' owner and grower, Peter Glazebrook.
Peter is seen here with his world record onion weighing 18lbs or 8.16kg.
And here he is again with his colossal cabbage weighing over 81lb or 36.74kg.
There's more here but no mention of what Peter's secret for success is.
I think the answer lies in the soil...

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  1. Fantistic size, but I bet they would be inedible!!

    1. Imagine that onion in a cheese and onion toasted sandwich...