Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrating The Magnificent Elephant...

I'd like to celebrate the Elephant today
for no other reason than they are the most magnificent of living land mammals.
Unfortunately as you are reading this, the many who see them purely as objects for financial gain are killing them as they always have,
for their ivory.
It's almost impossible to stop the carnage,
And it's not possible it seems
to curb man's insatiable greed.
But it is possible for us today to celebrate the existence of these wonderful creatures.
While we still can...

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  1. My son used to be an elephant handler. They are quite intelligent and he sure has some stories to tell.

  2. It makes me sad when I see people fighting to save the whales, elephants, or other animals. Not because I don't want them saved. But because people are missing the point.

    The truth is the vast majority of people are about profit. Therefore, the most effective way to save things is to make it more profitable than destroying them.

    I read a story about the American Bison, which was an endangered species until some smart ranchers figured out they could raise them and sell their meat as a healthy alternative to beef. At a much higher price too. Also read about how people are saving South American Rain Forests by showing the locals how to harvest and sell native plants as medicines and supplements. An endeavor which I understand brings many times more profit than burning them for grazing.

    I'm not sure what the answer is for elephants, but I do know that once a money smart person figures it out the carnage will stop. Simply because it's no longer profitable.

  3. What simply gorgeous pictures,there is just something about elephants,and there are good people out there trying to save them ....

  4. Amazing creatures... So big and yet so gentle.

  5. Africa is on my bucket list. I hope to go there someday and see them in their natural habitat.