Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Big Bold Beautiful Beach House In Peru...

Casa Las Lomas 1.5 is a home designed by Vertice Arquitectus that's located in Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, Peru.
The magnificent home is perched atop a rocky hill that provides a 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean to the south and a panoramic beach view to the west and north.
And yes that's a swimming pool up there too.
If you're not going to be in Peru anytime soon, you can drool some more here if you wish.
Location, location, location...

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  1. That looks a good spot to spend a bit of time

  2. Keith I'm really dissapointed in you - the thought of you even dreaming about drooling over a concrete and glass monster like this dismays me. Now if it was a small cabin I could understand! Cheers Balvenie

  3. Haha. Well it's a beautifully designed piece of concrete...