Saturday, April 14, 2012

The World's First Edible Cookbook...

The world's first and only cookbook that you actually read, cook and eat.
German Design Agency Korefe,
has created a real cookbook made from one hundred percent fresh pasta.
The book isn't just instructional.
It's an essential ingredient in the recipe for Classic Lasagne.
As you read the pages, each one becomes a layer between the fillings.
Then it's into the oven.
Sure, you're minus a cookbook but you've got
a very delicious meal.
A book with a happy ending...

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  1. That is if you like Lasagne!!

  2. Maybe one could scan it before popping it in the lasagne...?

  3. Now that is a book that I could sink my teeth into.

  4. Very innovative idea, but very expensive lasagne.

  5. Yum... I love fresh pasta. I wonder what a Xerox copy would taste like?