Sunday, April 15, 2012

Picnic Time For Teddy Bears...

Millions of people around the world create
and make millions and more millions of gorgeous teddy bears.
Teddy Bears with attitude
are even more gorgeous.
Teddy Bears are the world's most
loved and collected toy.
Maureen Hawkins in Christchurch
New Zealand makes beautiful teddy bears.
These are hers. They're gorgeous.
They all have attitude.
You might see them.
If you go down to the woods today...

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  1. When I go down to the woods today I hope I meet and get to talk to these wonderful bears. I'm sure each one could tell me a story of the love and care with which they were made and the homes where they reside now. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love them and my wife loves them.

  3. You are a clever man Keith you make those bears look wonderful !!

  4. Question is... Where in the world can we get one?

    1. Hi Roxy.
      Please feel free to contact Maureen to know more about her teddy bears or have a wish to own one...
      Her email is

  5. Definitely the best teddy pattern and shape i have seen in ages! Thank you so much for sharing your progress and the finished bear.