Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Parents Learn About Debt. At Kindergarten...

Some parents in the US it seems...
I can't believe this!
Some parents in the US are taking out loans averaging $14,000 and paying interest rates of up to 20% in order to pay for their children's kindergarten education.
Kindergarten Education!
The oh so generous and greedy money lenders are allowing the parents to defer payments until the kids graduate from college!
Imagine what they'll owe then!
Didn't these parents learn anything at school?
You don't need a degree in economics to know this is dumb.
If you want to know more, look here...
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  1. I am beginning to think that al those younger than I am have not had a good education or are just plain dumb.

  2. "The longer you live,the more you look around, the more you realze something is f****d up"
    George Carlin

  3. Hi Keith,
    Here in The United States of America, kindergarten is free unless of course, parents opt to sent their children to private school. As a matter of fact, pre-school, for 3 and 4 years olds is also free. I've never had to pay to educate my children. My second oldest son is in college and I don't have to pay for the majority of that either. Once in a while, his pell grant won't quite be enough to cover costs for the semester and I'll have to kick in a few hundred dollars.

    Mary in Tecumseh, Michigan

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for that.
      There are of course exceptions to everything and as you would have noted, this post did apply to private K-12 kindergartens. It was really about the stupidity of parents getting into huge lifelong debt situations and those that encourage them to...

  4. Well duh... they don't teach us how to handle money and debt at school in the US.

    I wonder what those kids are getting for their parents' $14k? Gourmet cookies with their milk before nap time?