Monday, April 23, 2012

Soaking Up Vitamin D At The Katikati Naturist Park...

You'll know that the beautiful Katikati Naturist Park is one of my favourite places.
Vanessa and Daniel from Vancouver are here soaking up the life-enhancing Vitamin D as I am.
When Daniel's not designing things back home they spend months at a time travelling New Zealand in their little Toyota van named 'Ara Tika' with it's simple, bohemian hand-crafted wooden interior.
They're enjoying  the fresh food, excellent local wines and the do-it-yourself attitude that still prevails in this country.
'I know that necessity is the mother of
invention but I'm inspired by the simple, creative ideas that you people employ to solve everyday living problems' says Daniel.
Like so many these days, Vanessa and Daniel are into eliminating material possessions,
downsizing and living large in small spaces...
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  1. Looks like a private & beautiful place for a naturist park. Downsizing & living large in a small space! That sounds familiar. With no clothes the fashion attire there, downsizing might be easier...
    Not such a large wardrobe needed.

  2. curious about something, if you know - You're talking about them being from Vancouver Canada right? do they keep their van in New Zealand or is it a rental?



    1. Hi Todd.
      Yes they do their annual thing here in NZ. Have their adventures and do their touring and store the van again for next time.
      Simple and cost effective.
      You might like to try it...

  3. A Big Thankyou from the wild west of Ireland.

    I am really enjoying the "'Tortoise"...Great info, shares and ideas.

    I toured the wonderful NZ in 1993/4 in a converted 1963 Morris Minor (camper) Van....fabulous times.

    Bright blessings,


  4. ...ummm, link for book on living cheap no workee.. can't discern yer email address....wonderful site,...plan 'B'?

    1. Allen you can email me at