Sunday, April 8, 2012

Discerning Buyers Welcome...

I often call in to Laurie's Yesteryear Barn when visiting the little Coromandel town of Paeroa.
It's also known as New Zealand's Antique Town, mainly because of the numbers of antique shops on the main street.
Back at Laurie's you can wander through his palatial car yard inspecting the wonderful top quality vehicles he has on display.
You could be forgiven for thinking that some of these bargains have been sitting here forever.
As you can imagine, the motors are in tip-top condition and if not near new are reconditioned.
The most experienced car enthusiast will be able to detect a very small amount of what we like to call 'body decay' but is known more colloquially as rust. Such a nice sounding word isn't it.
So here are a few of Laurie's special specials, specially priced for Easter.
But you'll have to be quick...

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  1. Oh wow! I used to have an Austin A35 in the UK. But it had no rust....
    v x

    1. I also had an Austin A35 in the UK.Mine had plenty of rust! One time I was going down the A38 Exeter bypass when I got pulled up by the cops for speeding but when they had a close look at the car they let me off in disbileaf that the car could go that fast.

  2. We once had a car with suicide doors on it,like the car in first photo. Wish we
    hadn't sold it. I also loved the running boards....made it easy when we had to run along side and push to get it started then hop on. Those were the.....wait a minute....I am sounding old!!

    1. Nout wrong with that...lets face it they were the good'oll dayz. ROLL ON Spontaneous irresponsibility .

  3. How are you doing and are you out of the hospital yet?

    1. My thoughts as well. He's obviously very much alive and back to the usual entertaining posts. I guess it doesn't matter where he's doing that from though would be good to know he's reunited with TFT