Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Simple. It's Portable. It Works...

It's not quite as basic as a hole in the ground
but a hole in the ground isn't portable.
It's nearly as simple as a bucket with a lid
and it's bio-degradable.
It has a very 'in your face' name.
The manufacturers haven't beaten
around the bush here.
They've made a 'shitbox' and they're proud of it.
The Shitbox is a lightweight, rigid, re-usable portable, cardboard toilet made specifically for outdoor use.
It's suitable for anyone under a hundred kg or sixteen stone.
It comes with ten bio-degradable waste bags.
It's easily made up from a flat pack and it comes with a carry bag.
If you want to know more on shitting in and on some alternative toilets, have a look here.
Poo's an interesting subject.
Maybe we'll talk about it again.
Another day...

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  1. I like the name, wonder how long it took them to come up with it.

  2. I saw their website a few days ago - so cool! They even do a smaller kiddie one.

    1. Call me a skeptic tank but whats wrong with a bucket and chuck it (in the right place of cause,like in your neighbors garden). They charge a $ for having a pee in many cities of the world now. It's a huge consumer industry.Our paronioa to toe the line is making us loose our ingenuity or have we just got too much money and not enough sense?
      good on'im anyway. I hope he or she makes a pretty packet out of it.
      Hay how about using disposable diapers, just add a wee bit of cemment after use and you got a kind'a mud brick in which you could build your darling little ones bedroom and he'd or she'd have contributed to the biulding process. Could call it "shit a brick"

  3. I don't mind the name, it is the graphic of a smiling turd peeking up from the hole that is disturbing. It is like it is sneaking up on you!

    the rat

    1. Hahaha. Yes I know what you mean Mr Rat.
      Very funny...

  4. that's so funny! We recently bought our first composting toilet, and now I'm wondering what took us so long...

    1. ...choice ...first? How many are you planning on having?