Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being A Gypsy...

I was asked the other day about
why I choose to live as a Gypsy, a Nomad,
an Itinerant and what if anything did I miss that a more conventional land dweller might have.
I really had to think about it.
It would have been easy to say I miss an en-suite with unlimited hot water for bathing
or a fully equipped laundry
but neither would really be true.
What is something I miss by not having
a land base?
Of course! The only thing I might miss.
It's something to satisfy my 'squirrelling instincts'.
It's a woodshed!
A woodshed?
Yes, a simple woodshed...

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  1. How'bout trailering a log shed?

    1. Yes, thankyou, I've considered that. Towing a trailer complicates life and I like to keep things simple.
      I carry a good saw and a sawbuck and there's usually wood to burn wherever I go, but...

    2. Yes and besides it's all a bit of an ecological conundrum towing your carbon based heating fuel using carbon based locomotion. Least you keep warm sawing your wood by hand

  2. Isn't a wood shed the place bad kids got a whipping? Don't think I want either of those.