Friday, April 6, 2012

A Medical Imbalance...

Those of you who may have thought that I was an unbalanced, yes even Libran's have off days, even a dysfunctional individual, you may well have had your suspicions confirmed over the last couple of days.
For some reason yet unknown to medical science, I contracted something called Vestibular Neuronitis or Labryninitis, both of which are forms of vestibular dysfunction that cause severe vertigo.
There I was one minute having dinner and a glass of Merlot when TFT's interior started spinning like a top and as fast.
You don't need to know the details of what happened next but it wasn't a pretty sight.
The next morning, I couldn't stand up so called an ambulance to take me to the wonderful Thames Hospital where the lovely folk there have been looking after me.
Some time was spent in ICU as my heart which has a mind of it's own and has long given up on Sinus rhythm, is beating to the rhythm of it's own drum, sometimes missing up to four seconds worth of beats at a time.
It's an interesting life...
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  1. I have had that for years and if it's the same thing I have it's easy to treat. My neurologist described it as ear rocks (for sake of understanding) and it seems that small crystals get into the semicircular canals in my inner ear and block the fluids so they can't do their job of balancing me in space. When I jog the crystals loose, no more whirling feeling. Is this the same thing as you experience?

    1. Thanks for that Shelly.
      At the moment standing and walking is still something I'd like to master before I try jogging even on the spot.
      They tell me it's going to take time though...

    2. Sorry, not jog as in run but loosen them by moving my head in a prescribed way. No, running would definately be ill advised!

  2. I wish a fast recovery for you and for you to be back in the Flying Tortoise very soon.

  3. I expect words of wisdom from you for 20 more years. somebody got to keep the rat in line. get well fast.

    the rat

  4. Are you sure it wasn't a dodgy merlot?
    Who is looking after TFT?
    Hope you get back to 'normal' (lol!) ASAP.
    Big hugs,
    v xxx

  5. Get fast quick Keith we are missing your rapier like wit, and bibliographic utterings, especially small house moments.

  6. I get similar reaction to some of the corporate communications we're bombarded with! Get well soon we're missing your words of wisdom.

  7. Gosh, Keith, that's really scary and it's hard to imagine you in the hospital. I hope you have some nearby friends to keep you company until you can return to the TFT. My best to you in a speedy recovery!

  8. Wow - what a relief to hear your have a treatable condition - you have not run out of options yet.
    The Medical community will sort you out and your outlook on life and your wit will get you back on board.
    Cheers to a full recovery.

  9. Sounds awful nasty - pleased to gather that it is now history!