Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hemloft. A Wonderful Tiny Secret Treehouse...

Or is it an aesthetically modified egg that's hanging on a tree hidden away somewhere near Whistler in Canada's British Columbia.
Enjoy the images of Joel's tree house here and when time allows, visit here and read about him at your leisure.
Joel Allen's story is entertaining and inspiring.
It involves his dad who imbued him with examples of ingenuity, self belief and willpower.
Then there's John, an old man he met in 2008, an enigmatic quintessential hippie with a long white beard who's really Gandoff from Lord of The Rings. He's become Joel's mentor.
And of course there's a girl...

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  1. LOL! There is always a girl....
    Fab egg house - really beautiful

  2. A beautiful litte house in the trees. And yes, of course there is a girl, we are a totally necessary part of life. Don't you just love us?