Monday, April 2, 2012

A Spyder Invasion...

More than twenty Spyders from the Auckland area shook off the cobwebs and meandered down to Miranda on Saturday...
They stopped by en route to a lunch stop at Kaiaua's World Famous Fish and Chip Shop.
Not all spyders have lots of legs though.
Trish has only one but she spins a good yarn as she tells how she lost a leg in a motorcycle accident in 2008.
Now she straps her prosthesis and wheelchair on the pillion seat and she's off for another enjoyable day with her friends.
I took one of these beasties for a test drive.
It was great fun.
It would be easy to be bitten by this bug.
Imagine towing a little Tear-Drop style Caravan behind...

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  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's so eclectic, so diverse. I really dig it. Later, Mate!

  2. What fun, and a great recreational thing to do.

  3. Didn't realise they were here in New Zealand and in a variety of colours...what is their top speed?

  4. What a way to go on exciting adventures... Tear drop or not.

  5. What does it mean when it says my comment will be visible after approval.
    Where is big brother? Freedom of speach and all that? Makes me wonder

    1. There is no 'Big Brother' here.
      Only me.
      Freedom of speech is practised here.
      You are invited and welcome to make comments Anonymous and retain your secret and sacred identity and I reserve the right whether to publish comments that are maybe insulting, personal, offensive, not applicable or inappropriate.
      Freedom of speech is valued here, as is humour and intelligent comment.
      Being up-front about your identity is not required but appreciated.
      Still wondering?

  6. Burt Munro world be turning in his grave